3 responses to “So, what’s with the duck?

  1. I like it phil – it is different as we all expect yellow ducks so I hope it works for you!

  2. Phil

    On the + side, the pink duck is definitely eyecatching and different enough to make people curious (it worked for me).

    Where it might need a bit of tweaking is that it doesn’t directly reflect what you are trying to do, which means it might be dismissed/overlooked by some less imaginative potential clients. (who are probably the people who need your services the most!)

    The other point to consider is that it doesn’t meet the aspirations of your potential clients. If we assume that your clients aspire to success, one assumes (2 assumptions, I know!) that a logo that speaks of success will get thir attention. How does the pink duck speak of success?

    On the other hand, I’m speaking from the point of view of an unsophisticated quality manager, not a sophisticated veteran of the world of advertising.

    Best wishes


  3. Phil,
    Great idea, I love it!
    Liam makes some valid points, but for me, the plusses far outweigh the minuses; after all, it would have been very easy to find fault with pretty much any logo out there – BEFORE it became hugely successful 🙂
    Long live Pink Duck!

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