Communities of interest – A lesson for the Big Society?

I just love and have always promoted the idea of communities of interest.  They make the otherwise impossible, possible for business and, for small concerns particularly, are often the difference between success and failure.  Just because it doesn’t slide neatly into one of our business-model pigeon-holes, doesn’t mean it’s not legit.  In fact marketing is nothing if not about doing things and going places that nobody has gone before.  That’s why I particularly like this idea.

When an international film-maker gets together with the owner of a historic monument that’s desperately in need of renovation, a bit of creative improvisation around the age-old bartering theme can give you a solution like this.  Not only is it a great outcome for the building owner it was great marketing too.  There are so many ways that the film producers and promoters could leverage this initiative I can’t wait to see what they do with it – beyond making the series, of course.  Maybe there’s a lesson here for the Architects of David Cameron’s Big Society?


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