A bit of a trip.

When life serves you shit how else would you respond, but by kicking its ass and next weekend that’s exactly what my mate Graham Rust is planning to do … well, he’ll be making a start, at least.

When the rest of us Brits were holidaying in Bognor and aspiring to the exotica of the Costas, Graham and his wife were taking their breaks in …  Communist Czechoslovakia!  Yes, they broke the mould when they made Graham!  He was one of the first Western admen – in fact, one of the first westerners and maybe THE first western adman to settle in Prague post first-Republic.  Yes, he pitched his tent even before the fall of Communism and set up an advertising agency that is today undoubtedly the best independent agency in town.  I’ve learned a lot from Graham during my time in Central Europe.  You can imagine that it wasn’t easy-going, making a business of a subject that wasn’t even recognised, but Graham tends to do what he thinks is right rather than what the less adventurous might advise.  That’s what makes him such a great adman and why, having just emerged from 30 weeks of chemotherapy, I’m not a bit surprised to hear that he’s planning a bit of a trip … around the entire coast of Europe.  Basically that’s around the world without getting your feet wet!

I’ll be following every leg of his journey resolutely and you can too, at http://gubblogga.blogspot.com.  Nice one Graham!


One response to “A bit of a trip.

  1. Yesterday’s news brings new life experiences without Graham around to cast a creative eye over things.

    Re: “When life serves you shit how else would you respond, but by kicking its ass”

    I understand Graham ‘was in good spririts right up to the end’

    He is sorely missed here in Lincolnshire by one who has known Graham and his family in London, Prague, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire since 1975.

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